DAN HEALY'S HEROES - Honoring Those Who Gave Us Their All
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Dan Healy's Heroes is a program geared towards elementary school aged children. It is named for Senior Chief Petty Officer, Daniel Healy, US Navy SEAL of Exeter, N.H. Dan was lost in Afghanistan along with eleven of his SEAL brothers and eight Army Nightstalkers during Operation Redwings in 2005 when their helicopter was shot down by enemy fire. There was one survivor, Marcus Luttrell, who has devoted his life to honoring his teammates.

This program was started after Dan's memorial was vandalized twice last year by juveniles, two of them under ten years.
Our mission is to reinforce what parents have taught their children about honoring our nation's fallen heroes and wounded warriors and to encourage them to honor these heroes by practicing kindness and courage- two qualities that will help them resist peer pressure now and as they grow older.
The Healy family feels that peer pressure was a big factor in both situations. Had one of those youngsters in either incident been able to say no the outcome might have been different. We want to offer our program as a tool for parents and educators to reinforce the values children are taught by their parents, churches, schools and families. They'll most likely find that the heroes they learn about exhibited profound kindness and courage.       

After the second senseless act was brought to the public's attention by my daughter, Jennifer, who posted her frustration on Facebook. Because of that action hundreds of outraged Americans sent us money to repair the monument. At the same time generous patriots offered to do the repairs for little or nothing. Now that the repairs are completed we felt we should use the surplus funds to add to Dan's legacy of service to his country and to serve it as well in some way, no matter how small.

Its a simple program ( simple NOT easy). The children are asked to learn about an American hero of their choice, concentrating on the traits of kindness and courage. They will answer a small questionaire about these heroes in that regard and then will be asked to perform two acts of kindness a week for three weeks.  It can be for their moms and dads, siblings, friends, teachers, classmates, neighbors or a stranger and they will enter the proof with the forms we supply. 
Healy's Heroes is offered to schools, clubs and organizations and upon submission of the questionaire the students will receive a Healy's Heroes Tshirt, certificate, medal, become members of the Please and Thank you club and be entered in a contest to win a FREE bike and other prizes. 

                                PLEASE & THANK YOU CLUB
Dan Healy was brought up in modest circumstances but learned manners mattered at an early age . He learned that with good manners and good grammar he could interact with anyone-anywhere. This club is based on the supposition that these two words- please & thank you are two of the most important words in our language, in fact may be the basis of civilized society. 
This phase would be introduced after we had the questionaires returned. We will supply the students with a small notebook and they will receive a certificate once they fill the notebook. Parents can determine rewards themselves.

                                                      JUMP ROPE  
For schools that want to start a jump rope program, Healy's Heroes will donate some jump ropes to these schools. Its a simple, inexpensive way to get children moving and improve their health.

                                   THE DAN HEALY'S HEROES PROGRAM            

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